Inflatable Balloon Tents

Inflatable Balloon Tents

Air-supported tents,any steel Type with special design and without a form only the skeletal system standing tent with air support.You can use inflatable bubble tent 4 season, has a lifespan of 10 years.Membrane is in German,there is no metal in it just for weather fans.Because it can be installed and removed very easily has become the indispensable system of sports clubs in Turkey. Quick Installation and removal, as well as freedom of movement within the structure that prevents a column-girder system bulunmamasi]ferah and large interior space to provide minimum storage space with the advantage that our customers needs are among the products preferred Especially on an open field,swimming,tennis,football, basketball, etc. during the winter months is an ideal solution for the activity to continue without interruption. The structure that covers the semi-light-permeable membrane,providing the maximum benefit from the light of day by the sun's harmful UV rays they block that serves as a natural filter.So people who play sports have a more positive,healthy environment is created.Our company also assisted with a formula that belongs to our air yapilarimi to take precedence over being an echo Intended Use : Inflatable Tent,Inflatable Bubble Tent,Inflatable Tent Off The Tennis Court,Pool Closure Systems,Balloon, Court Systems,Astroturf Shutdown Systems,Shutdown Systems, On The Tennis Court,Off The Field.